Realizing future buildings today

Realising future buildings today
Real estate investors benefit from our support and calculations on life-cycle cost when using our products.
We offer expertise, inspiration, support and modern tools for architects and structural designers.
For construction and installation companies, roofers and dealers  we are a reliable supplier creating confidence, on-site efficiency and project success.
We offer home owners knowledge, inspiration and aesthetical variety in roofs with long warranties – making our customers feel safe and comfort.

Ruukki in short

We are a supplier of steel-based building products and services for roofs and walls for sustainable buildings and homes. We employ around 1,800 people and have 14 specialized manufacturing sites. Our strong presence in 10 European countries enables us to serve customers locally with our main brands Ruukki and Plannja. Our comparable net sales in 2018 were around EUR 595 million. We are of Nordic origin, part of SSAB, sharing values, and long experience in steel and construction industry. 
SSAB is a Nordic and US-based steel company with employees in over 50 countries. SSAB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and has a secondary listing on Nasdaq Helsinki. 

And finally, “realising future buildings today” means raising the bar in every way possible in all we do. And then, tomorrow, we begin again, and raise the bar another notch for safer, and more sustainable place to live.



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Buildings of today are our legacy

Sustainability in Ruukki

We support you in sustainable development through advances in our technology and processes. Greener, smarter solutions are increasing in popularity, and our commitment to ongoing new product and service development allows us to be at the forefront of sustainable building innovation. For us, environmental transparency is the norm. 

Corporate social responsibility

Ruukki Construction is a subsidiary of SSAB and, as such, complies with their business ethics, sustainability indices and local community principles. In addition, we have particularly emphasised construction site safety, in terms of site operations and product safety on both consumer and business to business lines.

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Environmental & quality management

Our quality and environmental issues are managed according to the quality management standard ISO 9001 and the environmental management standard ISO 14001. It covers the whole chain from design, sales and project realisation to manufacturing of metal based building products and welded structures. Our load bearing products are also certified according to EN 1090. Almost all of our activities and locations are certified.

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Safety in focus

We actively commit to promoting safety and an accident-free environment - from supplier to production, and all the way to the end-customer. All of our products are designed for safe manufacturing, installation and end-use. Our intention is to grow with our partners and be the world leader in safety. 

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Sustainable offering

Our most significant contribution to sustainable development of the property and construction sector is through our products and services. We aim to help our customers make more sustainable choices in their projects by offering cost-efficient, reliable, and technically advanced ways to improve the sustainability of their projects.

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Ruukki management team


Sami Eronen



Maritta Kemiläinen

Head of Finance, IT

Adam Korol

Adam Korol

Head of Building Components


Jouni Metsämäki

Head of Residential Roofing


Antti Hämäläinen

Head of Supply Chain Management


Anna Talas

Head of Commercial Excellence


Susanna Segersven

Head of Human Resources

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Tapani Tuominen

Communications Manager

Mobile +358 50 314 3131

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